Choose your drink for sport

Choose your drink for sport

Recognize that you have to choose your sports drink


It is obvious that when you play a sport, you are well aware of the physical effort that must be made and the need to hydrate permanently to avoid serious muscle tearing. Some drinks have been developed to provide additional energy gain to help improve effort and muscle mass at the same time. If your effort is less than an hour, water is the only drink for the effort. If your effort exceeds one hour, you may be tempted by one of the “energizing” or “effort” beverages for sports people on the market. However, you must check to choose these drinks and read the composition of the elements that are supposed to bring energy to your body. Weight loss fat freeze Leicestershire


Beverages containing taurine.

taurine to avoid for the sport

Recent laboratory studies of taurine in the human body have reported that it is responsible for behavioral and highly neurotoxic disorders. Many athletes and even students consume it to have the impression of staying in top shape and being able to manage their fatigue and therefore their lack of energy. A single can of energy drink would contain the equivalent of 6 days of normal taurine consumption. However, it has been reported according to the studies of these same laboratories that nervous disorders are not what is more serious.


Taurine-based beverages would tend to prevent the natural detoxification of the body. They would cause kidney blockages that have the effect of accumulating the waste of the body in the blood, especially after big efforts.



Beverages containing caffeine

Caffeine to avoid for sport

Beverages containing caffeine are totally prohibited for athletes. Serious side effects often come back into the mouth of those who take them in large doses. Among the most common are cardiovascular problems such as tachycardias and high blood pressure and respiratory problems such as bronchodilations and shortness of breath. There have also been reported strong digestive and urinary problems such as diarrhea and aggravated enuresis. In terms of behavior, we notice irritability, tremors, nervousness and anxiety. We are faced with an unsporting cocktail that leads to no attractive effect of any performance.


Beverages containing ginseng

ginseng drink to avoid for the sport

The effects of ginseng are different from person to person. However, there are significant side effects when taken in high doses. These include severe hypoglycaemia, sleep disturbances, decreased appetite, chronic diarrhea and even rash. It is a product that is excellent if taken alone in a reasonable way. In other words, it would be wise to avoid taking ginseng when mixed with other questionable products.


Sweet fruit juices.

fruit juice to avoid for sport

Natural fruit juice is excellent for health and for sport. Especially if it is made from pure fruit and organic and it is drunk within one hour. Pure commercially refrigerated juices are a good alternative even though there is a clear decrease in vitamins in these juices. However, you will absolutely have to avoid juices based on fruit concentrates.


Nectars are totally forbidden for athletes. They contain only 15% to 30% of often thick fruits like banana, peach or mango and are heavily enriched in sugar. All the rest is just water. They contain only very few vitamins and minerals. Fruit concentrates and nectars are known to be fast sugars and cause overweight and even diabetes.


Sodas and syrups

soda to avoid for the sport

Soft drinks made of sparkling water and syrups made of still water contain additives, dyes, flavors and a good swig of white sugar and glucose. It’s a perfect blend for weight gain. Increasing studies have shown that regular consumption of these beverages will cause progressive behavioral instability that wavers between hyperactivity at times to irritability and nervousness in some cases. As sugar is a semi-drug, the body ends up claiming its daily dose to the point of creating an addiction that ends up disrupting people’s behavior.



As with everything and especially food, the best is in the freshness. The best drink will certainly be the one that contains the least amount of chemicals. Always plan for these projects over the long term and make sure you are looking for optimum health. Your body and mind will always be grateful to you.


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