Sushi is it good the dental areas of the mouth?

Sushi is it good the dental areas of the mouth?

Sushi is it good the dental areas of the mouth?

Eating sushi protects your teeth against cavities! This quality is not due to the raw fish itself, but to the “green mustard” that accompanies it, the wasabi. This compound also has anti-cancer properties and is effective against asthma … After the virtues of the Mediterranean diet, is the Japanese diet the new benchmark in health?


Sushi, sashimi, yakitori … These words have no secrets for you? You are a follower of Japanese restaurants and know the menus by heart. Congratulations, you made the right choice … for your teeth!

This is where the bacteria adhere …

According to a Japanese study presented in Honolulu at an international congress of chemistry, sushi protects your teeth from cavities! More exactly, the person in charge would be wasabi, this “green mustard” which accompanies the famous raw fish. This substance would indeed contain molecules called isothiocyanates, which would prevent bacteria to stay inside the mouth. Unable to adhere to the teeth, they can no longer cause the appearance of cavities. Hideki Masuda, the researcher, does not specify the duration of the inhibition of adhesion and if it is therefore necessary to eat sushi at each meal …

Aggressive brushing for many years, but also the bone loss, almost inevitable over time, although unfair since each individual evolves differently. Nevertheless, from age 40, 58% of us know this problem. The risk: the infiltration of germs under the teeth, which then form infected pockets that jeopardize the tooth, but also the general state of health.

The miracle product?

Wasabi is a plant of the cruciferous family. This family includes broccoli, turnips, cabbage and radishes. All these plants contain the famous isothiocyanates. Several studies attribute many virtues to this compound. This would inhibit, for example, the growth of tumors 1,2. It may also play a role in the prevention of allergic reactions and asthma 3. Nevertheless, one should be cautious about these effects. The action of wasabi on caries bacteria, for example, has been demonstrated only in vitro. However, recent studies 4 show that certain properties of isothiocyanates can disappear under the action of saliva or gastric juices …

 The vitamin shoot. In addition good cleaner whiter teeth, the dentist is happy to use vitamin treatments based on antioxidants (vitamins C and E in particular) by injection. Star of the moment: coenzyme Q10 , another antioxidant. Orally given at a rate of 100 to 200 mg for six months, the latter seems capable of reducing inflammation of the gums and the depth of the pockets between the tooth and the gum. The Japanese have used it for a long time to regulate their gingivitis.

Between virtue and vice

Be careful, do not plan to feed exclusively sushi! On the one hand, you should accompany all your dishes with high doses of wasabi, which is still a rather spicy condiment … In addition, if the nutritional qualities of fish are well established, it must be well prepared when is raw, to avoid possible ingestion of parasites (anisakis).

Do not change your diet and wait for the agribusiness industry to seize this discovery. If wasabi toothpaste is not for now, let’s bet that radish or broccoli flavor chewing gum will soon be in all mouths …


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